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What’s included?

Blossom, a browser based professional email marketing software.
We will create a professional html (html=looks like a web page) email template that contains all of the images and links that will keep your members engaged.
All you need to do is create your message and send. 
Add hyperlinks, attachments and images to your email. All images and attachments are saved in your folder, so you can use them over and over without having to search for them on your computer.
Simple step-by-step instructions.
No software to purchase, just log in online, create and send.
More Blossom features:
Tracking of email opens, see who and how many of your members are actually reading your emails.
Automated subscribe and unsubscribe.
Automatic removal of bad email addresses. 
Advanced scheduling: create your emails days, weeks and months in advance to have them delivered when you want.

A Landing Page, no website needed.
We create and host a Landing Page customized to represent your group. See example. 
Your Landing Page will contain an automated email list sign up form, links to your secure donation pages, links to your group’s website, a privacy policy and other links we (you) may deem necessary.
If you already have a website, our links will be available to your webmaster so she/he can place them on your website too.

Direct Donations by credit and debit card (optional, but recommended)
Every email you send can contain links to a secure online donation page which we will host for you.
Fund drives, single and monthly recurring donations are made easy when your members can make a donation from the comfort of their laptop.

We will integrate your donation page link into your email template.
We suggest you investigate Paypal and Google Checkout as credit card donation processing options.

Auto-responders (automated emails to new subscribers).
You can create a series of emails to target people that are new to your list.
Once you have created the email content, every new subscriber to your list will receive the email per the schedule you want.
For example, a new subscriber joins your PTA list:
You can create the first auto-responder to remind the person 1 week after joining to enroll their credit card at the local grocery store.
You can create the second auto-responder to remind the person 2 weeks after joining to sign up for recurring donations.
You can create the third auto-responder to tell them anything you want 3 weeks after joining....etc etc
You can create as many auto-responder emails as you want.
Once these "auto-responder" emails are set up, they work automatically. No action required on your part.

Group Requirements
1. Your group must be a legal non-profit or school in the United States.
2. You must be at least 18 years of age to use emailOrchard.
3. You must agree to this Service Agreement and to read and agree to our Anti-Spam Policy and Terms of Use in order to use emailOrchard. All contact information you submit must be true and complete.
4. emailOrchard reserves the right to refuse service or to terminate accounts for any user, and to change eligibility requirements at any time, in its sole discretion.

email List Ownership
Your group’s email list belongs to your group. emailOrchard will never rent, sell or otherwise give away access to your email list.  
emailOrchard will always comply with all rules and laws regarding email marketing and we expect that our customers do so also. 
Please make sure that your username and password to our software is protected from unauthorized users. 

System Requirements
emailOrchard does not supply any type of computer hardware, software or internet access to your group.
You must have and maintain your own internet access and have a computer enabled with the Mozilla Firefox web browser. 
Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari and Google Chrome web browsers are not compatible with our software at this writing.
Acceptable image file formats for your web landing page and emails are: jpg, gif and png.

Pricing. How much does it cost?
Set up fee = not much, sometimes free
Includes everything above and email list import, email template creation, eBlast sign-up page with email subscription widget, integration of your donation link on eBlast template and sign-up page, all links, hosting of images and testing.

Term of Service
One time set up fee. No additional charges.